History In the footsteps of history

The history of Bodegas Del Saz was born and written in the vineyard. Bodegas Del Saz has its roots in essential values such as origin, passion and perseverance, the foundations for building a well-known winery with a fine tradition. Backed by over 80 years of history, the different generations who have continued the work of the winery’s founder Álvaro del Saz have successfully adapted the family legacy to modern times, creating unique wines. A journey dating back over almost a century, never leaving in the past the family passion which brought the winery into being; a passion which dates back to 1930.

Experience built up over decades to produce unique wines, combining our tradition with the most up-to-the-minute wine-making techniques. A family-run winery with a single goal: to create robust wines with intense floral aromas, wines with personality, which convey the character of our land. A unique origin based on respecting nature, fruit of the labours of our vine growers, allowing us to offer new generation wines with style and authenticity: HIGH-EXPRESSION WINES.